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VCE Meal Service

Place your order by calling 623-680-7468 or e-mailing Chef Jason Wyrick at ChefJason@veganculinaryexperience.com!

You’ve seen the recipes every week, now taste what the VCE has been creating for you! This service is designed to help you save time during the week, eat healthy, provide you with compassionate cuisine, and have great food while you’re at it! No more dishes, no more hassles, no more spending hours in the kitchen or tons of money on eating out. Just great food at a reasonable price prepared with Chef Jason’s special flare.

DIABETIC FRIENDLY OPTION: No added oil, low-fat, diabetic friendly options are available with each meal set.
To request any of the above options, please contact Chef Jason at ChefJason@veganculinaryexperience.com or at 623-680-7468. Pricing does not change.

Events & Menus

MENUS – Menus are updated at http://veganculinaryexperience.com/VCEMealService.htm and may change due to availability of produce.

January 6th MENU
Main Dishes
Peas and Spinach Soup with Mint
Garlic Laced Chickpea Stew
Mediterranean Wrap
Saigon Seitan Salad

Mixed Greens Salad

*We work with local organic farmers to source the best and freshest ingredients possible. Two to three of the meals each week will be based solely on what arrives from our farmers and are "to be determined" when the ingredients arrive. We hope you appreciate our commitment to the local organic philosophy.

Meal Packages

What you get - Six recipes every week with two servings each, enough food for twelve meals (enough for a filling lunch.) Each meal set will come with reheating instructions, showing you ways to reheat your meals depending on whether you want a quick way to reheat the meals or you want to optimize the taste of a particular recipe, and most meals are designed to be one-pot meals to make them extra convenient.

The Standard Service – This service is a subscription style service designed to provide you with a weekly set of ready to eat meals. Each week, you will receive the set of six weekly recipes with two servings each. If you wish to suspend delivery for a week, you must notify Chef Jason by the Friday evening prior to the off week. The pricing for this plan is for customers who order regularly (at least three times per month on average). The price for the Standard Service is $125 per week + tax.

The Standard Service (Half-portion) – This works exactly like the regular Standard Service, but you receive one portion of each recipe instead of two. The price for the Standard Service (Half-portion) is $75 per week + tax.

Single Order – This package is for those clients who order less than three times per month on average or for those who wish to have an occasional set delivered. Single orders of a weekly set are available for $180 + tax.

Single Order (Half-portions) – Single orders of a weekly set with one portion per recipe is available for $100.

Substitutions – Substitutions will be available by request when possible, but please keep these to a minimum. If you require regular substitutions, please contact Chef Jason to work out special pricing.

Ordering & Delivery

How to order - E-mail Chef Jason at chefjason@veganculinaryexperience.com or call at 623-680-7468 by Friday evening.

Payment - You can pay by cash, check, or credit card online. To pay online, please contact Chef Jason to access your personal payment page. Recurring billing can also be set up over the phone with credit card payments. Orders may not be canceled after Friday evening and all orders are non-refundable after that time for any reason.

Delivery - Meals can be delivered all across the U.S. via FedEx at cost and shipping is generally $35 to $45 to the western part of the U.S. and $70 to $75 to the eastern part of the U.S. They will ship on Monday and arrive packed in enough dry ice to withstand even the most brutal Arizona sun! SPECIAL NOTE: If you are part of the Standard Service plan and live in the Phoenix area, DELIVERY IS FREE! All free deliveries are on Monday. If you need to arrange another time, there is a delivery fee.

Containers (Only Applies to Deliveries in Phoenix) - In order to reduce the amount of waste so prevalent in food service, you will be given two sets of containers provided you are on the Standard Plan. These containers are rotated every week. Please return your previous set clean when you pick up your order. There is a $10 fee per portion ordered if you do not return your container set, a $10 fee for unreturned gel packs, and a $20 fee for unreturned coolers. This helps pay for the extra items required to replace the ones not returned! This section does not apply for shipped meals.

Cancellation - By ordering, you agree to pay the associated cost of the meal and agree to our cancellation policy. If you need to cancel, you must cancel by the Friday evening preceding your pickup date. If you cancel after that, you will still be responsible for payment on the order. All orders are non-refundable after Friday evening for any reason.

Referral Program

If you refer someone to The Vegan Culinary Experience Meal Service and they become a Standard Service subscriber, you will receive your next order for free (shipping not included)! The VCE appreciates your business and your desire to introduce other people to our great vegan cuisine.

Thank You!

Have a comment or question? Contact Chef Jason at ChefJason@veganculinaryexperience.com or at 623-680-7468.






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